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Advice Please

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I know I will probably get a whole load of conflicting responses but i need some help.

I wil shortly be in a position to buy myself a sop sax. I have been using a loaner from a friend for the last few months but now I have to bite the bullet and buy my own.

I am very confused. of course I would love to spend several 000 of pounds but my budget is pretty much restricted to a max of about £1,500.

I have seen the Keilworth ST90 that is a good make but a student model. It is about £1,000.

However I have also seen several "pre-loved" ones for a similar price but if Intermediate or pro std.

What is the big difference between the student and inter/pro horns? What will I notice?


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The difference will be in the build quality and ultimately in the tone production and playability.
That said, the lines have becomes somewhat blurred of late.

I wouldn't been overly keen to get the ST90, but an SX series would be a good bet if within your budget.
I love the 475, though if you can find a used 61 or 62 so much the better.
The high-end Antigua sops are pretty good.

I'd also throw in a recommendation for the Bauhaus-Walstein M2 - definitely worth a try.

If you're on a tight budget some of the Chinese horns can be extremely good value for money - as long as you buy wisely.
Taiwanese horns are a whole step up, and these days some of them are easily on a par with the big names.
If you have a local shop with an M2 in stock you'd be mad not to at least try it. The build quality is up to the mark - and if you compared it side-by-side with a Yamaha 62 you might be very surprised indeed.

Keep an eye open for any used Yanagisawa sops too.

well, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that 1500£ would buy you a SX 90 II if you wanted to :bluewink:
Ooh, now that's a sweet deal!

Not only is the SX a great horn, Milandro is a thoroughly decent chap. A recommended deal on both counts.

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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