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Advice Please

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I know I will probably get a whole load of conflicting responses but i need some help.

I wil shortly be in a position to buy myself a sop sax. I have been using a loaner from a friend for the last few months but now I have to bite the bullet and buy my own.

I am very confused. of course I would love to spend several 000 of pounds but my budget is pretty much restricted to a max of about £1,500.

I have seen the Keilworth ST90 that is a good make but a student model. It is about £1,000.

However I have also seen several "pre-loved" ones for a similar price but if Intermediate or pro std.

What is the big difference between the student and inter/pro horns? What will I notice?


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I was warned to stay clear of the chinese and other asian horns.
Whoever warned you of that may be basing it on what was available years ago. The market has changed a lot, I use Taiwanese/chinese horns professionally with no problems. I have the bauhaus M2, it's a top class instrument. I would also recommend milandro and the deal he is offering.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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