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Hello everyone,

I'm hoping for any advice/suggestions/cautions you might be able to provide on an alto saxophone I'm considering purchasing. I hope this is the appropriate sub-forum and that I'm not violating any rules with this posting. Let me know if so and I can try to amend it.

Horn: Yamaha YAS-62 II Alto Sax - ~$1800 on ebay
Seller: Jim Warshauer / JW Sax

Extra info if desired:
I did a bit of research with another community's forum and the YAS-62 seemed to be the dominant recommendation for prospective buyers within my maximum price range. I don't think I necessarily need a pro-level horn (self taught for ~3 years on a cheap horn; my intent at the moment is just to continue to play/practice privately), but I'd prefer to purchase a "forever" horn than step up multiple times, and I'm confident enough at this point that this is something I'll stick with long enough to make the investment worthwhile.

I'm just looking for any impressions before I go ahead with this. I've never bought anything off e-bay (I read some advice on this forum for dealing with e-bay, and this seller does offer a 30-day return policy). My current saxophone is also the only one I have any real experience with. I would prefer to try out a selection at a store, but I have limited options in my geographic area and price range (one store with about 4 horns, none of them this model). This price seemed about the going-price for this saxophone (I'm treating it as not needing any work done. I know there is a specific "Yamaha" forum, so I could post there if recommended).

It looks like the seller has a couple of posts here, but from over a decade ago, and they are unrelated to him as a seller.

If anyone has any thoughts on this horn or seller (or other YAS-62s for sale, or other horns you think I should be considering), I'm gladly welcome them. If I'm convinced to go ahead with this, I'll try to purchase (or more likely contact the seller if the window closes beforehand). If advice seems to be against, I'll take any advice you guys have to offer and do some further research here and elsewhere, then re-evaluate.

Thanks in advance for any replies. Looking forward to any help you can offer, and to delving more into this community.

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