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Hi folks,

I’m new here and looking for some advice to appraise a sax that’s been collecting dust in my closet for awhile. The sax is a vintage “Bel Air” curved soprano (from what I understand, this is a model of Dolnet). Serial number reads E9XXX. It was donated to me in some rather odd circumstances in my music career, so I don’t have a clear idea what it could be worth. I’ve been playing saxophone for over two decades but am not much of a connoisseur in terms of makes and models. It’s also hard to find exact info online; one thing that is confusing me is that another member of this community posted that the “Bel Air” sopranos were all manufactured straight, whilst the one I have is curved.

It should also be noted that the sax is in need of about $700 of repairs in order to be playable. I’ve been hanging onto it hoping to find the money to get it fixed one day, but it’s been over a decade, so at this point I figure I might try instead to sell it to someone who would be willing to have it repaired. Any advice on how to determine its value would be greatly appreciated.


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