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Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I have been gaining a lot of information over the last couple of months from SOTW and now it's time to ask a question. I've really enjoyed playing my Vandoren mouthpieces, one I've bought and one I've been given. I recently bought a Jody Jazz HR 6*, and while I love the sound I'm getting, I found that it plays very sharp compared to anything else I've tried on my horn. This has not bothered me until now because I've not checked with a tuner as I play at home. But now because I'm using it to play with backing CDs I just can't get it in tune regardless how far out I adjust it.

Long story short I've decided to either sell on eBay or similar, or swap/trade it. I'd prefer to trade/swap if possible for another mouthpiece rather than sell. Does anybody know if this is possible, and through where would I do this? I'm in Australia and I've not been able to find a specific marketplace or forum that deals with this.

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