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advice on flute buying

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hey everyone

im really stuck and incredibly confused so all advice and input would be gratefuly !
recently i went flute shoping
i tried ALOT !!!!!!!! of flutes
Now comes the problem
even though i had alot more to spend
i didnt necesarily choose the most expensive flutes in the shop
i narrowed the choices down
to sankyo 401-model bellow handmade
powell signatue
i loved both of these flutes as they seemed to suite my tone
but i am now confussed !
i already own a yamaha BUT have a michael j allen headjoint on the top
which may i add is my pride and joy its absolutely stunning !
but this did not fit on the sankyo !
also would you advise me to get a B foot joint, i know they are rarely used, but is it not better to have one just in case ?
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If the headjoint doesn't fit it's best not to modify it, the 2 different bore sizes will impede response.
B-foots will make the flute respond better in the 3rd octave.
kymarto said:
The B foot will not give better response in the 3rd octave.
This is a quote concerning the low B foot joint from "The Art of Flute Playing" by Edwin Putnik (Summy-Birchard Music).
".....The value of this extra note is somewhat questionable, but the addition to the length of the flute does increase resistance and security in the high register, and is often recommended..."
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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