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advice on flute buying

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hey everyone

im really stuck and incredibly confused so all advice and input would be gratefuly !
recently i went flute shoping
i tried ALOT !!!!!!!! of flutes
Now comes the problem
even though i had alot more to spend
i didnt necesarily choose the most expensive flutes in the shop
i narrowed the choices down
to sankyo 401-model bellow handmade
powell signatue
i loved both of these flutes as they seemed to suite my tone
but i am now confussed !
i already own a yamaha BUT have a michael j allen headjoint on the top
which may i add is my pride and joy its absolutely stunning !
but this did not fit on the sankyo !
also would you advise me to get a B foot joint, i know they are rarely used, but is it not better to have one just in case ?
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The B foot also affects the response in the bottom and midrange. It tends to soften or tame the tone and slows the response. Or conversely, a C foot has a fatter bottom octave and a brighter, quicker responding midrange. It's not a huge difference, but it is quite noticeable on most flutes.

In my view, B vs. C foot is a matter of matching to the flute. Some flutes are so bright and lively sounding the C foot is just over the top; the B foot helps tame them. Other flutes can use the C foot to liven them up.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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