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Advice on F# key

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Hi all

Have recently bought a Yamaha YTS-23 as a back up tenor. All is fine bar the F# key. It is not lowering over the hole without considerable force. I do not mean it is leaking only to be spotted by a light, I mean it is clear that the key is not lowering enough. Around the entire whole there's a mm gap. Is there an easy way to correct this? The pad seems fine, new almost, so am wondering if one of the rods needs looking at....

Have never repaired my own saxes apart from small jobs, which this well may be. If so, can someone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks in advance.

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It is just as likely that the linkage form the F# key to G# or to Bb is incorrect, not allowing the F# to close.

BTW, I regard the stack key (F#/F/E/D) adjusting screw's purpose to be mainly for getting the F# arm to rest simultaneously on all three key feet (of F/E/D keys), and for making only VERY small linkage adjustments. Otherwise you introduce "double action". I have reason to believe that this is Yamaha's attitude too.

The entire Bb/G#/F# area of a sax is by far the most difficult to get right. I don't really recommend messing with it yourself unless you regard yourself as being at lease as competent as your local technician. It's could be compared to adjusting the carburettor of a modern car. IMO most DIY guys who attempt it have no idea of how much they don't know.
It sure is a Mickey-Mouse contraption!
For most saxes, most of the time, I either file nor screw. I bend, as obviously do the manufacturers. I suspecgt most other technicians do too. However it takes experience to do it to a stable state.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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