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Advertising to get Gigs

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I have played lots of gigs in college and beyond, but I now have a day job and a great family. I have kept up my playing and I'm anxious to start putting my name out there for wedding and similar functions. i have thought of fliers, web ads, and business cards, and going to local bridal shops and such to put my cards there. I don't want to spend too much and mostly want to start gigging again. Any suggestions? Also, I live in a smaller college town. thanks!
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Thanks for all of your advice. I really appreciate it.

I did have a band and have spoken with a trumpeter, drummer, and bassist about getting something together.

Unfortunately, there aren't a ton of places here where jazz musicians get together, but there are some blues jam sessions.

I will also look into advertising using music postings on the web and emphasizing the cost savings on

Yes, I've played weddings and other similar functions in the past. I've almost always had some type of a band to play with though. However, I have built up a good library of backtracks which I have also used at other gigs.

Believe it or not, I also played "Danny Boy" once at a funeral! That was an unaccompanied solo and it went quite well.

Thanks again for your suggestions. I'd love to hear more!
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Thanks so much for your advice. I will get out to the blues/R&R jam sessions.

Thanks, guys!
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