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Advertising to get Gigs

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I have played lots of gigs in college and beyond, but I now have a day job and a great family. I have kept up my playing and I'm anxious to start putting my name out there for wedding and similar functions. i have thought of fliers, web ads, and business cards, and going to local bridal shops and such to put my cards there. I don't want to spend too much and mostly want to start gigging again. Any suggestions? Also, I live in a smaller college town. thanks!
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Similar to what Grumps said, get out and network. Go to as many sessions that you can. Distribute cards. Take advantage of social networking (Facebook, Myspace, and maybe Band Camp, gigmasters, etc...). Check local listings/want ads (some cities have these - I hooked up my first gig in Boston through the Phoenix while still living in Seattle this way - and that gig led to many opportunities).

If you aren't playing much in performance settings - get out and work wherever you can and in whatever situation you can. Blues jams are fine. If that is all that you have there then that is most likely where any other musicians looking for opportunities are hanging out. And there is nothign wrong with playing the blues, it is, after all, the backbone of jazz. If you can play the blues with conviction and accuracy - you will be much more attractive to a pop/rock/R&B/jazz function band than if you can play Giant Steps backwards through all 12 keys, and if that is no problem than you might want to just move to a bigger town/city.

Bottom line. Get to know every musician you can - go to others performances and support the music you love without any expectation to sit in as well. Get to know the players and who knows, you might make some close friends as well as pick up a few gigs.

Good luck.
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