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Advertising to get Gigs

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I have played lots of gigs in college and beyond, but I now have a day job and a great family. I have kept up my playing and I'm anxious to start putting my name out there for wedding and similar functions. i have thought of fliers, web ads, and business cards, and going to local bridal shops and such to put my cards there. I don't want to spend too much and mostly want to start gigging again. Any suggestions? Also, I live in a smaller college town. thanks!
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Starting point- record a few flattering sound clips of yourself playing.

Cheap option- 1) create a or analogous cheap or free page to host your streaming audio clips and some pics. 2) Use Craigslist regularly to post your availability, where you can point people to your myspace page to hear you. They will be able to contact you via re-routed email thru craigslist if you don't want to put your personal contact info out there.

Expensive option- host your clips and pics on I use them. However, I perform in the DC metro, so I get a critical mass of referrals and gigs thru them. At $59 per quarter, probably not worth it in a less population-dense area. One gig per quarter thru them might make it worthwhile.

Finally, that you are posting here is a good sign that you realize there is potential there to perform solo over tracks as a very low cost option that will expand your opportunities. IMO, in these crappy economic times, being able to provide live music for the modest cost of a SINGLE performer will get gigs that could not happen otherwise. People might pay $200 for a jazzy sax sound for their small office party or birthday party, but aren't going to pony up $400 or more for a duo+ or a DJ....
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I didn't notice this was in the solo section of the forum when I responded. Quite frankly, I don't think you'll get a lot of business as a solo perfomer on saxophone doing weddings. Weddings are all about playing pop tunes with familiar vocals that people can dance along to. Solo performing is usually all about the performer, not the music.
I have gotten several sax-with-trax gigs for weddings. Mostly listening music for receptions, but on a couple of occasions, playing actual ceremony music! I charge a lot extra for actual ceremonies, since the bride will request a certain song or two that I will have to practice, and even get sheet music for. Much more stress, since all eyes and ears are on ME instead of other people and conversations.

Either way, these weddings have usually been rather low-budget affairs. It was either me for a couple hundred bucks, or no live music at all.... On a couple occasions, I did cocktail hour, then the wedding couple hired a DJ to do his thing when I got done (for the high energy dance).
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