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hi forum,

i have a good friend, who to me has the absolute perfect saxophone tone. Everything that comes out of his horn sounds right, even when he makes mistakes. I have a few youtube clips for you to get an idea of what im talking about.

(the time markings are the important solos, but the sax tone throughout the entire video is still something i like)

i know this is mostly a pop/rnb tone, but to me there is alot of depth to the sound, at least in comparison to my tone on tenor. I have done all the stupid beginner things (ie, get the same setup as he does) and now for the last 4 or so months, i've been doing ALOT of long tone work to try and train my throat muscles, but i still lack his depth.

my question to you is can you recommend any exercises, or something else that can help me get closer to that sound? or at least make my sound deeper?


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I will first to write. LONG TONES.

This is the oldest complaint in the saxophonist book. Nothing that long tone practice especially on the notes that you find are the most difficult for you. B
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