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Adding adjusting screws to a Conn New Wonder II soprano

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Just bought a NW II still with its original Conn white 'vacuum' pads in place and will post separately on these pads for interest in the tech section (under pads and resonators).

Marc Jean out of Quebec fitted (and gold plated to match) 6 set screws to make ongoing adjustments quick. This has proved to be a very successful addition, that in turn requires very accurate corking and springing to ensure that the Conn's light and responsive feel is not compromised. Pad heights are also critical on these old Conns for intonational evenness that can only be done by play-testing, using clipped pieces of credit cards to determine the correct heights (especially of the upper stack), as demonstrated to me by Kim Boch at KB sax in New York.

Here are the pics:

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The riser in the last image is from Cosmo Industries, the addition of which makes top E, F and F# feel about as easy as the front F fingerings.

And here's a picture of the bell engraving as its so nice:

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Re: Adding set screws to a Conn New Wonder II soprano

Thanks! Have asked the mods to change title :)
Re: Adding set screws to a Conn New Wonder II soprano

I want to do that to my Selmer BA tenor. Its already had some other mods so I don't care about resale.
See the adjustable bridge on my 29xxx BA. Very unusual for the vintage (1941), BUT original. Maybe they were options. If you have the simple shaped tab this is a nice upgrade.

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