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It seems a Lot of threads here are protracted but what the heck!
I'm rebuilding my Bari, the bottom bow guard is smashed in will need straightening anyway so I have many options in front of me right now.

LOVE Jim's solution and have been thinking of a way to make a secondary pin to slide inside the pipe and be adjustable. Maybe take the first 1/4" nipple, drill out for a 5/16" rod, make 2 saw cuts in an X through the lower threads then use a hex coupling as a"nut" for the pipe threads so that when the 5/16" rod is inserted the "nut" and pipe act as a collet and tighten on the rod giving a much finer adjustment without having to do a set screw thing in the pipe.

With your rod arrangement Edwin, (I just SO LOVE YOUR AVATAR) could you get another rod, ( 3/8" stainless I presume?) make 2 45 degree bends to get the point under the center of the bow, then could even let it swing to the outside a little and add just a little weight to the left?
Just a fabricators thoughts first thing in the morning
These 2 posts are real interesting as I am in need of a peg arrangement for my Bari. I have Arthritis and playing a Tenor is no problem but my new love is a 1960' "Keilwerth" Bundy Bb Bari. It is a heavy beast and even with a harness it is making my right arm/elbow sore to the point of making it difficult to comb my hair. I only play standing and a peg makes perfect sense. Seems to me MontyMac has a good point to bend the rod to center weight below bow. I think of a stand up Bass and think I will maybe try a pointed peg to prevent any movement while playing. I will look at some stand up Basses to be sure. Any thoughts ?
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