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Actual Tip Opening Size on XL 8

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I own this mouthpiece, and am just curious if anybody knows the actual average tip opening size of these mouthpieces. Some charts say 0.087, some say 0.083. Does anybody know what the average for an 8 is?
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I use a Runyon chart that agrees with some spot checks I have made on other Runyon models. I do not think I have checked an alto XL 8, but I would expect it to be .086 +/- .003 due to some manufacturing variation.
Thanks. I am just curious, how would one go about measuring a tip opening?
There are several methods and some special gages made up to assist.

You can use a set of digital calipers and a flat piece of metal or glass about 1" x 4". Hold it flat against the mouthpiece table and use the calipers to measure the gap between the tip rail and the flat piece.

You can look at photos here for some other methods. Note that some of the photos are measureing the facing curve, not the tip opening.
Thanks very much.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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