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Accent soprano saxophones - opinions

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What is your opinion on the Accent Soprano saxophone. It would be for a beginner soprano player but she has played alto for 4 years. Currently in HS. Looking for a lower priced, yet good quality horn.

Have heard it it made in same factory as Antiguas but that they are even better. I have heard good things about the Antiguas but not much on Accent. Wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to play one.
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I was looking at the Kessler and asking some of the people near me - band teacher, and a university professor and they each replied back that the Kessler were hard to maintain - that the repairs are expensive. They both ended up getting thier info from the repair main at a local music store. He is the one that gave them both the info on the Accent - it is of course the brand that his store sells so that is why I am asking if anyone has played one. My daughter is currently trying it out - it looks good but that is about all I know about them. I have asked her band teacher for his opinion - the aid is a sax player so asked for her opinion and will get the professors opinion if necessary. The professor is a sax teacher and is familiar with the alto accent and said he really liked it. He hadn't played an accent soprano though. The price is comparable to the Kessler if not a little more expensive. The band teacher said he would go with an accent over a jupiter. I just want something she can start out with and get her through HS, so don't want to spend too much and if she decides to continue on after, we could up grade at that time, but don't want her frustrated with a horn that is too cheap to play correctly.
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I don't think he ment that it was more expensive to repair but needed more repairs. At least that is how I took it. I am getting the info second hand - haven't really talked to the repair guy yet, just the professor and the band teacher.

Haven't heard back from the band teacher yet on what he thinks of it- He is a trumpet player though so not sure if he can be a real good judge. The assistant is a sax player so waiting to hear what she has to say about it.

So welcome any opinions - only have a week to decide so want all the help I can get to make a good decision.

You may also help in what type of reed to get - 2 1/2 or 3 - she uses a 2 1/2 for her alto. I am not sure what the difference is.
The Dealer is in Appleton WI - Heid Music. It is the dealer that the school uses most often.

We also looked at the Jupiter at Henri's music in Appleton but it was 1700 and the Accent / Kesslers that we were considering that are suppose to be comparable are closer to 800

Thank you everyone for your opinions, you have all made good points to consider - we will consider them all before making a final decision.
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