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Accent soprano saxophones - opinions

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What is your opinion on the Accent Soprano saxophone. It would be for a beginner soprano player but she has played alto for 4 years. Currently in HS. Looking for a lower priced, yet good quality horn.

Have heard it it made in same factory as Antiguas but that they are even better. I have heard good things about the Antiguas but not much on Accent. Wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to play one.
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As far as I can figure out, "Accent" is a stencil of some kind, and I can only trace it back to Singapore.

What makes me a bit suspicious is the fact that :
1) they claim Kessler needs more repairs. There are quite some very happy users of Kessler horns here on the forum

2) they would choose Accent over Jupiter. Jupiter is indeed Taiwanese, but both the more recent student instruments as their pro horns are very decent instruments. I played one for a while, and never had trouble with it in fact.

3) Both Kessler and Jupiter are rather established names, with a history in saxophone building. Accent, on the other hand, I've never heard about in my life. They don't have a website. In fact, nobody knows anything about them.

I think the guy wants to sell you that Accent horn. Now if he's willing to give you a guarantee on technical defects for at least two years, your daughter likes the horn and her teacher considers it a good one to start on, then I would say : why not?

More important is to get her a decent mouthpiece. Don't be too cheap on that one, it's more important for the tone and the playing than the sax in fact (considering we're looking at Accent/Kessler/Jupiter)

regarding the reeds : the higher the number,the thicker the reed. A thicker reed gives more tone, but demands more breath support (and a firmer embouchure to withstand the air pressure). If she uses 2 1/2 on alto, that looks as a good starting point for soprano too.

my 2 cents.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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