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Accent soprano saxophones - opinions

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What is your opinion on the Accent Soprano saxophone. It would be for a beginner soprano player but she has played alto for 4 years. Currently in HS. Looking for a lower priced, yet good quality horn.

Have heard it it made in same factory as Antiguas but that they are even better. I have heard good things about the Antiguas but not much on Accent. Wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to play one.
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There is a group of music retailers across the country who have teamed together to have a few major manufacturers produce a line of instruments under the "Accent" name that they can purchase and sell at a competitive price because of their combined buying power. There are flutes, clarinets, saxophones and trumpets in this line and all are well made and reasonably priced student instruments. Of course it is proprietary information which companies are making the instruments under this name.

I can't comment on the Kessler soprano, but I have serviced several Accent tenors, altos, and sopranos in our shop and they are well designed and constructed. The key metal is just slightly on the soft side which is true of many brands, but short of careless handling, this in itself will not cause the instrument to go out of adjustment more quickly.

The intonation of the Accent alto and tenor is quite good for a student horn. The intonation of the soprano takes a little more player adjustment, which is typical of the instrument itself regardless of who makes it. If it is in your budget, you might want to consider the Cannonball soprano also. There are many players in my area who really like the Cannonball soprano because of its sound, response and intonation.

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