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Accent soprano saxophones - opinions

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What is your opinion on the Accent Soprano saxophone. It would be for a beginner soprano player but she has played alto for 4 years. Currently in HS. Looking for a lower priced, yet good quality horn.

Have heard it it made in same factory as Antiguas but that they are even better. I have heard good things about the Antiguas but not much on Accent. Wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to play one.
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I can't recall now as I looked into Accent a couple years ago. but doens't Accent have a couple levels of saxophones (and clarinets, etc)?

I recall seeing an Accent alto sax in the local store - a B&S stencil. But the soprano wasn't - it was some other brand. Now that B&S is out of business though ???

The better clarinet was also made in Germany (aka Buffet aka Shreiber if i recall).

Of course, times change, and they could be made by someone else now.
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