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Accent soprano saxophones - opinions

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What is your opinion on the Accent Soprano saxophone. It would be for a beginner soprano player but she has played alto for 4 years. Currently in HS. Looking for a lower priced, yet good quality horn.

Have heard it it made in same factory as Antiguas but that they are even better. I have heard good things about the Antiguas but not much on Accent. Wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to play one.
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Hi Jessica!

It is unlikely you will get a straight answer about where this horn was made. The companies who sell these and the factories where they are made like to keep their identities secret. And even if this particular model was made in the same factory as Antigua, they may or may not always come from the same place. It's really a difficult thing to identify the true origin which is why many people avoid the off brands. If you stick with a name like Antigua, Cannonball, LA Sax, Jupiter & Kessler you know what you are getting, which is why you typically pay more for them.
I was fortunate enough to find a soprano made by Tenon (one of the more reputable factories) that had an off brand on it, but that really is the exception rather than the rule.
Good luck!!!
Ahh - OK, thats a little bit different scenario then - you have someone locally who can give you advice? I would say if the instructor likes it, and the shop is willing to work on it that would probably be a good situation for you.
It is very likely that the Accent is a decent model and all the more better if your daughter can try one out first! I wrongly assumed you were referring to the vast number of ebay instruments that can be had for a song.
Please let us know how it works out for you!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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