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I'm new to the sax and I am looking to purchase one. I was wondering what models you recommend?

I'm living in the Philippines right now, so bear in mind that I want something that I can get hold of here but also familiar in the UK which is where I'm from and will be moving back to next year.

My teacher is really keen on me buying a Taiwanese-made Weissenberg as he works very closely with the brand and helps to promote them etc - but it's kind of expensive ($1300) and I can't seem to find much about them online either. I've tried playing it and it sounds really good and feels well-made and sturdy (although as a beginner I'm not entirely sure what to look for when buying)...

I was looking into the Jean Paul AS-400, but open to suggestions and if anyone knows anything about Weissenberg please let me know!

Thanks so much :mrgreen:
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