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A992 - Wise to buy before I try??

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Hi there,

I'm looking to upgrade my student sax and have been on the lookout for a used Yanagisawa A992. I'm on a pretty tight budget and have seen one which would require an overseas journey.

The sax I've seen was manufactured in 1998 and was seldom played. It looks in great condition, judging from the photos and it would cost me about 25% less than a new one, which I can get locally and which would also include a professional setup and free 2 year service. My question is this. Would this used saxophone need to be set up again? If so, is this a big deal and would it be expensive? Is it wise to buy before I try? To try I will of course have to incur the cost of an overseas journey which will bump up the price even more.

What to do??

Any advice appreciated.
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…it would cost me about 25% less than a new one…
Normally, used saxes are about 40% of new. I think you can ask the seller to lower the price a bit, even considering the included set-up.
Would this used saxophone need to be set up again? If so, is this a big deal and would it be expensive?
Probably would not need to be set up again unless you're rough on your horns or it falls out of the case, etc. Even, so this is not usually a big deal and should be inexpensive. Ask about the pad condition, as replacing all the pads is expensive.
Is it wise to buy before I try?
If this is from a reputable business or repairperson, i think you would be fine to buy before trying. Yanagisawa are very well built and very consistant, so it's rare to find a bad one (I never have). Ask the seller if you can have a 7-day trial period. In that case, the worst that would happen is you would have to pay for return shipping. Good luck!:)
Soybean, It is a private sale so I doubt the seller would let me have a 7-day trial period. The seller claims that the saxophone was very seldom played and the photos seem to reflect that. it looks immaculate from the photos I've seen. The set up would've been done when the seller bought it themselves, from what I can make out, about 12 years ago (according to the serial number that is).
audsnire, if no trial period you will just have to trust the seller. In cases like that, you should definitely have 1 or 2 phone conversations (not email or text messages) with the seller. I have found this method to be very valuable. You can get a real feeling for the seller's personality (and you can ask about where he/she lives and works). But don't assume there is no trial period. It never hurts to ask for one.

A 12 year old setup means almost nothing in my book. Any new sax of professional quality (like this yanig, or a new yamaha or selmer, etc) would have had some sort of setup when sold. in the span of 12 years, lots of things could have gone out of adjustment. So, don't consider the 12 year old setup at all in the value.
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