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Hi everyone,

on a side-note, I think this was discussed here before - I use high pitch sopranos (457 HZ) for 432 HZ playing as they sound as "Soprano in B" not Bb. As 432 HZ is becoming out of whatever belief systems a trend I just recorded a CD with a choir. It is interesting that for everyone the same tones just feel more relaxed, and it was fun.

Here´s one piece, a composition/arrangement of mine inspired by some photos by Daniel Kordan and Diane Warren´s classic Rhythmn of the Night.

I use a Albert Fils Soprano and my regular ss mouthpiece, AMBIKA III.

So whatever it´s worth, this lower tuning is more enjoyable then the 444HZ which I often encounter on German concert pianos as desired pitch by orchestra string players...

Nevertheless, often high pitch saxophones are 465 HZ, and are simply a "Soprano in B" in normal pitch A =440 HZ, so they cannot provide that tuning accurately but work fine with old church organs if one ever needs to play with those as i do.
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