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A visit from St. Nick

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Best wishes to everyone on the forum!
I thought I'd share a christmas song I recorded back in 2009 with my old band. It's in Spanglish. Enjoy.
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Hey that's really nice. Many thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed.
Am just going through most of your tracks on SoundCloud as that site for some reason doesn't always work when I just use the link. Not sure which ones you were liking to, so am thoroughly enjoying going through all.

Did you write these as well as playing? Very inventive work and your playing is excellent. I hope that many others take time to listen.

So good to hear compositions and the sax used in a fully contemporary way.
Very impressive work. Knocks me out and is inspirational at the same time. Should be required listening for those who think music stopped in the 1950s and 60s and there is nothing left to do but endlessly repeat those tunes and styles.

Great to know you're out there pushing the frontiers.

Best to you for Christmas and New Year. Keep doing what you do so well!
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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