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"A" tone hole sluggish with octave key

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When I lift my LH 3rd finger the valve for the "A" tone hole opens sluggishly like there is some form of friction. Without the octave key - it is smooth and no feel (and sound) of friction. I took apart the octave mechanism and the only thing I could find that was maybe the culprit was the plastic sleeve that is on the tiny rod that ties the two rods together. The plactic sleeve seems worn. Probably a poor explanation but all my saxes have that or similar sleeve on the octave mech.

Any ideas or thoughts? I put it back together and it is still the same. I oiled the usual joints in the octave system.....
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There are two parallel bars. The inside one has the lower octave arm attached to it. The two bars are connected in the center by that little arm that has the plastic bushing.... So I think the answer is "yes".
Stephen: Yes to your description of what I removed and replaced, but I didn't check for binding (that did not occur to me) but I will test what you suggested - it makes sense and I should have. Thank you!
I checked the rod screw thoroughly and it is fine. No movement at all - it is very free.

martinm - I agree; I am thinking it must be that sleeve. To the shop tomorrow..... I will post what the tech says after he looks at it.
Stephen: you are correct. The G spring was weak; but also the neck spring was too strong; The tech greased a couple of joints while he had it, but it was the springs.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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