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A bit of data pertinent to "Alternatives to the Neck Strap."

I got a Neotech Neo Sling, and it works well on the C-Mel. It's an over-the shoulder strap (one shoulder, not the full baby harness).

- I can get the horn to a comfortable height (e.g. where I don't have to support any weight of the horn with my lower lip, something I was unable to achieve fully with a conventional neck strap);
- the weight's off my neck;
- the lowest part of the horn rests gently against my moderately protruding waistline, slightly to the right (your mileage may vary);
- has an easy adjustment for height;

- slight pain in my right wrist, but the position seems to be remediable by remembering to keep my thumb joint slightly arched

If you're having trouble getting the C-Mel in a comfortable playing position with a neck strap, I think this is worth a try.

It has a totally standard swivel hook, the type where you slide the button back to retract the little latching bar across the mouth of the hook. They describe it as "...our unique swivel hook." Proof, I say, that whoever wrote the package copy has no idea what the word "unique" means, and just tossed it in as some sort of amplifier.
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This might be solvable by installing a replacement thumb hook, one that swivels and adjusts like they all do now.
An idea.

My sax teacher strongly advocates keeping the left thumb slightly bent to avoid joint pain in the thumb, and I think the same probably applies for the right thumb, so I'm going to work on that first to see if it solves the problem. I'm currently unlearning a lot of bad habits about playing position, so adding one more isn't a big deal.
Just wanted to chime in...The "BALANCER" is working great! I have never once looked back....
Ah, glad to hear it. Was it difficult to adjust (as previously reported by somebody else, I think)?
Quite easy to replace. The kit is available from any sax ancillary supplier, consisting of a "solder on" backplate, the hook, teardrop finial & lock screw.
I recently carried this out (with a few other mods) to my battered old Grassi tenor.
Thanks for posting the photo link. (Hadn't seen the mods on that horn before. You should design jewelry.)

I don't think I need to do it - the hook isn't the problem, as far as I can tell. When I bend my thumb, the wrist is OK, and I'm easier to mod than the horn. (I know how to bend my thumb fairly effectively, which is more than I can say for my soldering technique.) But it's nice to know of the option. As time goes on, it may be just the thing.

Glad that you are enjoying the Neo Sling! I think that this is the first time I've heard from someone using it with a C-Mel.

As to the swivel hook, it is indeed unique. This is not a stock part that can be ordered "off-the-shelf", but is designed and formulated by our engineers specifically for use with woodwind instruments. I will grant you that at a quick glance it may appear like every other swivel hook you've seen. And the way you use it is like any other. But over the years it has been modified to better support a horn. Its formulation has changed over the years to make it stronger, and it is constantly being scrutinized for ways to improve it. The uniqueness may be subtle, but you will not find this swivel hook on any other strap!


Well, then I certainly stand corrected! And nice to know you're listening.
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