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A source for mouthpiece boxes?

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Does anyone know of a source of individual mouthpiece boxes? I'm talking about the kind that a mouthpiece comes in when new.

I looked around for gift and jewelry boxes with similar dimensions but came up empty.

Any suggestions?

(FWIW, I'm looking for various sizes to fit individual mouthpieces from sop -> bass...but something that fits an alto piece would be a great start!)
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Go to Home Depot or similar and get some of the foam tubes that are used for water heater pipe insulation. Don't get the type that has the tape to close them.....get the ones with the slit up the side. Cut it in the length of the mouthpiece allowing about an inch on each end. Slice the slit open and you can flex it to insert the mouthpiece. Save some paper towel or toilet paper tubes, slide them over the foam tube and you can label it with what is inside. All of this will end up costing you about a dollar or two for the 6 foot foam and end up about 15 cents per mouthpiece. I do this system for flute heads too. Easy to store and if you drop one on the floor, the mouthpiece is well protected. You can get different diameter tubes for tenor, alto, etc.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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