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Hello all,

I am currently getting over a bad cold and am finally starting to get rid of my sore throat. Despite my illness I've still had rehearsals to attend and gigs to do, so have had to battle against my sore throat for the past week or so :|.

I've found that drinking lots of honey and lemon has helped to ease my throat a little, but I wondered if anyone has any thoughts on what would be the best way to recover from a sore throat and still manage to play the sax?

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May or may not work for you....
Gargeling with salt water, anti-inflamitories (Ibuprofin ie Advil, Motrin...) lozenges that 'numb' the throat, and my favorite...
Celestial Seasonings 'Sleepytime Throat Tamer' herbal tea. If you don't like black licorice or anise you may not like the way this tea tastes.
Otherwise the only way to recover from a sore throat is to give it time to go away on it's own.

There has been a LOT of Strep throat going around over here, so if it doesn't go away in a couple more days it might be a good idea to see your doctor and have it tested. Strep isn't something that you want to mess around with.

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Good dvice here.

When I have a cold/flu/sore throat etc. and I have to play my horns, I wash my reeds and mouthpieces frequently. Re-infection is a real drag!

BTW, I tend to wash my hands alot in cold season. Helps to cut down cross infections.

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strep throat symptoms are usually more common in children but it occurs because of bacteria as like sore throat caused by

the viruses and as you mention that you are suffering from fever and pain in your throat you need proper medication and

need to consult a doctor.If pain and fever increases you need to take Gargling with cayenne pepper and i hope you feel

better soon.Also i have read a very good article about strep throat here is the link you can get more information from that

hope you will feel better soon.
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