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A song and a lick - How to play beginners videos with, in-video, fingercharts

Hi :D

I Just started a new series on my YT channel called: - A song and a lick -. In each video
I work out one song step by step. teaching the: melody, a solo starter and a hip Lick for each

For the first episode I chose one of my all time favorites: - Work Song - by Nat Adderley.
I hope you'll enjoy this. I'm going to be making many more of these. If you have some
suggestions for other songs you would like me to work out in this fashion. Please let me know
in the comments below :)


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FWIW I get a playback error in the first link, but the second works.

Thanks for the video / ideas / music !

"cpn": "3gQdhXyfJdT4wwBz",
"vct": "0.000",
"vd": "NaN",
"vpl": "",
"vbu": "",
"vpa": "1",
"vsk": "0",
"ven": "0",
"vpr": "1",
"vrs": "0",
"vns": "0",
"vec": "null",
"vvol": "1",
"state": "80",
"debug_error": {
"errorCode": "api.invalidparam",
"errorDetail": "invalidVideodata.1",
"message": "An error has occurred. Please try again later.",
"subreason": ""
"relative_loudness": "NaN",
"user_qual": "auto",
"0sz": false,
"op": "",
"yof": false,
"dis": "",
"gpu": "Adreno_(TM)_505",
"cgr": true,
"debug_playbackQuality": "unknown",
"debug_date": "Sun Jul 29 2018 14:33:07 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)"
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