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a sentimental 'Ballade' recorded just yesterday :)

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Hi all,

Yesterday I had a session with my saxophone teacher and we recorded this Ballade that i wrote in May; I'd really appreciate any feedback. I tend to write 'from the heart' and have had no formal composition training (apart from a grade 5 theory pass in my teens! :s). I am hoping to study or self study though in the near future.....

I'm playing the Alto sax (Selmer S80 series II, C* mouthpiece and vandoren blue box 3 reeds) and my teacher Alistair Parnell ( is playing the piano.

I have written pieces based on my students, and with my teachers birthday approaching I thought i'd write something for him, capturing a little of the style of some of the music i've been looking at lately.

I'm not sure how to describe the style really; maybe laid back jazz/classical crossover? Quite a commercial sax sound?

The sheet music / demo and backing tracks are to be available very soon from ('hard' copy/CD posted out or PDF/MP3 email delivery).

Thank you for listening
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Hi ewinino, very nice song. I pretty much agree with Wade. (easy answer....).
Reading your post, one thing comes to my mind: you could challenge us out there to try to play this piece. You'd have to provide at least chord changes, or a backing track. Dunno how you'd consider it from a copyright point of view.
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