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a sentimental 'Ballade' recorded just yesterday :)

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Hi all,

Yesterday I had a session with my saxophone teacher and we recorded this Ballade that i wrote in May; I'd really appreciate any feedback. I tend to write 'from the heart' and have had no formal composition training (apart from a grade 5 theory pass in my teens! :s). I am hoping to study or self study though in the near future.....

I'm playing the Alto sax (Selmer S80 series II, C* mouthpiece and vandoren blue box 3 reeds) and my teacher Alistair Parnell ( is playing the piano.

I have written pieces based on my students, and with my teachers birthday approaching I thought i'd write something for him, capturing a little of the style of some of the music i've been looking at lately.

I'm not sure how to describe the style really; maybe laid back jazz/classical crossover? Quite a commercial sax sound?

The sheet music / demo and backing tracks are to be available very soon from ('hard' copy/CD posted out or PDF/MP3 email delivery).

Thank you for listening
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Nice writing and good use of movement between the piano and sax. Lovely harmonies.

The feel to me is very smooth jazz, especially your attacks. The tone is however very classical. Not sure that this is a great fit. Sounds like you are reading. If this is so loose the music. Heck you wrote it and shouldn't need to be reading. Try to feel you way through.

I think this is a really lovely piece but it could be much better played in a singing lyrical style without the "smooth jazz" clichés.

Thanks for the feedback, I value your thoughts. You are rather perceptive as I am indeed more of a 'classical' player. It was intended to sound quite commercial (dare I say slightly cheesy?!) but am looking forward to hearing friends play it as some of them are 'proper' jazzers and i'd like to see their interpretations; that's the whole fun of it really, you can take it wherever you want to :)
Lovely playing, excellent intonation. I doubt even a 10th of the players on this forum could play as well in tune as that.
Thank you DaveR. I was pleased with this aspect actually (intonation) and am pleased that my practice time with my tuner is starting to pay off! The piece was practiced, recorded and burned within an hour so I'm pleased with the result. :) (but still eager to hear other interpretations of course!).
Hi ewinino, very nice song. I pretty much agree with Wade. (easy answer....).
Reading your post, one thing comes to my mind: you could challenge us out there to try to play this piece. You'd have to provide at least chord changes, or a backing track. Dunno how you'd consider it from a copyright point of view.
I do already have the backing track (and one for Bb sax will follow shortly). The music will be available via either as 'hard copy' (printed score, pull out universal sax part, additional piano score for Bb sax option, CD with demo and backing tracks) or emailed PDF/MP3 files delivery option. £5.99 & P&P (UK) or £3.85 free P&P respectively.
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