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Update on the "damaged-in-shipping 139". Aaron Barnard and Kim Bock have collaborated to put this old girl back together and this horn is on its way back to me in a very short 3 months. I should see it next week and I'll be please to share some photos!

Another update on the silver 139 that's been out for restoration for quite some time. Sherry Huntley, Artistic Engraving, had her way with it and this is the video she provided as an overview of the work I asked her to do. Appears to be going viral on Facebook amongst the saxophone repair crowd. Don't have the actual video myself, but here it is on her Facebook page.
Doc Frazier gets this bell/bow assembly back and will be very busy masking all this off before sand blasting it for the satin finish that most of the horn, besides the engraving, gets.

It's been a couple years since I've seen this horn. I can hardly wait to see this finished!! Doc, you have your work cut out for you on this one! :O)
Awesome! You must be excited to see it progressing. I saw her video a few days ago linked on FaceBook from Curt Altarac.
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