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Ok so first off I need to apologize to Charles for putting this off for
some time, sorry no reasonable excuse just been a bit lazy about getting
this done.

So I had a Buescher Top Hat and Cane alto overhauled when he had
the special going back in January, the horn took about a month to a
month and a half to get done, however I did tell him several times no rush.
He also had a number of horns to do before mine which he told me before
he took the job, all in all I would give communications a solid B+.

I received the sax back and it was packed very well, put the sax
together and it was just incredible, this was the best overhaul I have
ever had the pleasure to have enjoyed. The action on the horn was
incredible. To me it felt like the left hand keys were better than than
when the horn was new just amazing, the right hand keys were
very, very good but just a tad short of how wonderful the left hand
keys felt. There was no play in the horn whatsoever and it was
quiet, like library quiet, one of the most quiet horns I have played,
and I had brand new yts 62 ii, yeah it was and is a very high quality

The horn really plays great and I would just like to highly recommend Charlie
for any repair work you might have, he was very easy to work with and
accommodating of what I wanted as far as pads, springs, etc, he is a
true gentleman. Someone I once associated with raved about Sarge's overhauls
and how when the horn came back from him it was better than brand new,
that is just how I feel about Charlie's work, first class all the way.

Quality of workmanship and satisfaction A++

Thanks again Charlie, might be sending some work you way again soon. Jay

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I've met Charlie a couple of times and it is good to know that such a nice guy is also a great tech. I'm not surprised at all even though the only work he's done for me was on a mouthpiece. That was an excellent experience as well.

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I've met him as well and it's great to hear positive things about a tech here from their clients rather than a tech's own self-promotion. The good ones don't have to do that and these are the types of references and displays of expertise that best serve our community. Well done Charlie!

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Thanks Guys!

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