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Hey guys.
Yes i'm probably getting obnoxious now, but another question on the 62.
I'm getting a used 62 Mark I (with non-G1 neck) and I'm a little confused.
On the left hand pinky cluster keys (Bb, B, C#, G#) is the movement like the Mark II 62?? (This is not a purple logo)
I'm asking this because, sadly, I like the "newer" kind and like the movement of the Mark II, not like the old other saxes. (I've had tons of experiences with saxes with the "regular" movement of the clusters.)
I have seen used pics on USA horn and they show that the purple logos have the old pinky movements, and a single newer 62 with the "new" movement.
Yes probably confusing, but I hope you guys can help me out. :]
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