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A Privilege to meet Mr stephen Wessel

Hi All,

Appologies in advance for all the gushing.

So my wife decided it's time to get a new flute, so a couple of months back we arranged to go and meet the Flute maker Stephen Wessel. Wow what a privilege, the man is amazing, we will come back to his flutes in a bit but when we entered his workshop I was surprised to see a miniature engine being built not any old engine but a 1/3rd scale aircraft engine from around the early 1900's and what is probably the earliest Zenith carburettor all carefully crafted and recreated by Stephen, this following on from his Lynx IVc Radial engine, a link for those that are interested, not only a piece of art but a fully functional working model, It won a gold medal and the Bradbury –Winter Memorial Cup at the Model Engineer Exhibition in 2014. He had a second fully working engine but I can’t remember the type, and the one that caught my attention is the third one he is making.

So on to the flute, Stephen only makes flutes to order and therefore had arranged to borrow back a flute he had made for a customer for Lynne my wife to try. The flute played is three years old. There are a few innovative ideas that have been put into reality with Stephen’s flutes, stainless steel key work for one, which he explained was stronger and lighter than conventional precious metals, anyhow Lynne tried the flute with her John Lehner head joint and was blown away, the intonation in her words being incredible, the flute was light to play as for the action and feel and the tonal palette full and pleasurable and very easy for Lynne to stylise as she wanted.

The order has been placed and with good health Stephen has said it will be ready for Christmas, what is so surprising is that Lynne has played many of the top brands top instruments that retail for extortionate amounts of money and although they may be hand assembled many of the parts like the key work are mass produced, and although she rates these flutes on a scale of 1 -10 as 9 ½ she rates the flute made by Stephen on the same scale as 12, and what’s more incredible is the modest price Stephen charges for what is and has to be a completely hand crafted instrument.

The man himself is lovely, inspirational and incredibly gifted and talented, so if you are interested in these wonderful flutes with distinctive Black keys, you can find out more from his website, he only makes flutes and not head joints. If you ever get the chance to play one do so, you will probably like my wife be blown away, she was expecting good, just not that incredibly good. I am not sure how many years left Stephen has of devoting his time to making flutes so if you want one get in quick, like great paintings I can only see his flutes being significantly more expensive after the opportunity to have one made by him has gone as these are very special in every way.

Kind regards

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