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Hey there, I searched and couldn't find exactly what I needed (admittedly, my search was of questionable determination), so I figured I'd just go ahead ask.

Fingerings: I'm interested in knowing yours from altissimo G to D, so, G3-D4.

I personally find for G:
1,3,4,6 to work nicely

And for A:
23456 works wonderful.

But I'm having trouble finding good fingerings for B and up. I can get the overtones fine, I'm just having clarity issues. Thanks :]

Also, I wouldn't mind knowing why my arm is twitching so bad today :D.

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Here's a set that I use most frequently. Ta=side Bb, Tc=side C, C1-C5 are the palm keys D-F# in chromatic order. :

All use the octave key.

G: 100/400 Ta C5
G#: 123/400 Ta Tc
A: 023/400 Ta Tc
A#: 003/400 Ta Tc
B: 003/400 Ta Tc C1
C: 003/400 Ta Tc C1 C2
C#: 003/400 Ta Tc C1 C2 C3
D: 003/400 Ta Tc C1 C2 C3 C4
D#: 003/400 Ta Tc C1 C2 C3 C4 C5

For C# and above, you'll need to use the middle finger of the RH to depress 4 (F key), Ta, and Tc, as you'll need your RH index finger for C3 (high E key).
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