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A nickel Selmer ? Or is this a relaq ?

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I have never seen a nickel Selmer finish before. Was this made this way from the factory ? From the pics ... does this look like a relaq ?

Interesting ...

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well, it would be a replate rather that a relacquer since nickel is a metal and not a spray paint :bluewink:

Yes , Selmer did offer the nickel plate option
it was an original option mostly used in Europe where nickel plate was very common . You can tell you friend that it is most definitely not chrome plating. Nickel is very durable and makes the horn impervious to wear and scratches the only draw back id undenting any dents because it could , and more often than not does, crack when pushed.
yes indeed , as I said before :bluewink:
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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