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I thought your LAST video was the LAST one . . . (I'm just pulling your leg). This tune was one I know well. Were you reading all of what you played or improvising? Your previous videos seemed to be kore about playing written notes (if I remember correctly). This time, you seemed to venture away from the written notes and that made a difference.

I thought of all the videos you'd posted, this one (4'14") tended to show just how new you were to the instrument. Not a criticism, just an observation. It appears you are having fun with this new thing and that is good. I realize many have told you various things to do to improve, but I'll offer that it will come to you in time. Just keep working on the improv - the more you become familiar with melodies and chords, the better you will play improv. DAVE
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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