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A Myster-E

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A strange thing .... my tenor (Yamaha YTS475) will play top E perfectly fine using the three palm keys, but will not play the alternate fingering which according to my book is the top F key plus left hand 2 and 3. It sounds F just fine using both fingerings (3 x palm keys or top F key and left hand #2). Now here’s the strange thing ... I can go down from F to E by closing LH3 and once I’ve sounded F, I can trill between the two. But just play E on it’s own? The horn says no. It just makes a muffled lower Eb sound. Is this usual?
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I don't think there's anything out of place on my horn in terms of pads, springs etc because everything else plays ok. I mentioned this to my sax teacher the other night and she tried it on her Yamaha alto and just the same, couldn't sound "E" with the alternate fingering. That's why I'm wondering if it's a Yamaha thing.
My teacher's alto is a YAS62 and it won't play the alternate E so you're not alone ..... and if it's a Yamaha-specific fault surely no amount of practicing will make the horn sound that note?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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