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A Myster-E

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A strange thing .... my tenor (Yamaha YTS475) will play top E perfectly fine using the three palm keys, but will not play the alternate fingering which according to my book is the top F key plus left hand 2 and 3. It sounds F just fine using both fingerings (3 x palm keys or top F key and left hand #2). Now here’s the strange thing ... I can go down from F to E by closing LH3 and once I’ve sounded F, I can trill between the two. But just play E on it’s own? The horn says no. It just makes a muffled lower Eb sound. Is this usual?
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The setup of the front F is critical. If your front F key opens the F palm to it's fullest extent, then you will have more difficulty playing these (effectively altissimo) notes. Every horn design seems to have a particular venting for the front F that works optimally. The yamahas that I have addressed this on seem optimal at about 2-3 compared to Yanagisawas that seem to prefer just a crack and Super 20s that are fine with nearly full open.
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