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A longer thumb rest for Yamaha YCL 221-II Bass Clarinet

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Hello, I recently bought a Yamaha YCL 211 II bass clarinet and I'm very content . The only thing that is a bit strange is the placement of the thumb rest. For me it's just to low. There would be space to adjust it to a higher position, but the actual thumb rest doesn't allow for a lot of upward adjustment.
The thumb rest looks like your average tenor sax plastic thumb rest; I wonder whether there is a longer replacement part that would allow for more upward adjustment?

Any suggestions very much appreciated.

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I've found that thumbrests are typically too low. I guess when the designers make a fist, their thumb covers their middle finger. Mine is on top of my index finger, so I've had to move the rest up about .375 inches on my A, B flat, and C clarinets, and I keep my thumb free on my bass. Dirty's advice is good; just take it off.
JUst saw this thread as I was having the same issue. I took the hook off of the clarinet, and at the bottom of the slot section of the thumb hook, I opened up the slot togo over the screw hole, moving it above the bottom slit peg, thus gave me approximately another 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch higher, now works great. By now you are probably Way past this issue., Just trying to help.
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