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Could anyone here provide me with the notes for the 12 minor, mixolydian, dorian, and dominant 7 scales?

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I'm not sure which minor you're looking for, but here they are.
Natural Minor (aeolian) - C D Eb F G Ab Bb C
Harmonic Minor - C D Eb F G Ab B C
Melodic Minor (ascending) - C D Eb F G A B C
Melodic Minor (descending) - C Bb Ab G F Eb D C
Jazz Melodic Minor - C D Eb F G A B C (same ascending and descending)
Mixoydian - C D E F G A Bb C
Dorian - C D Eb F G A Bb C
I don't know what you mean by Dominant 7 scale. There are a lot of choices for scales over dominant 7ths, but the mixolydian is a good starting point.
Take note of the Melodic minor scale. Like it says above, you would play the ascending on the way up and the descending on the way down. It takes both of them to make the scale.
If you want the notes for the scales starting on all notes of the chromatic scale, I'd suggest transposing them. Just remember that the each scale has the same set of intervals regardless of the root. Mixolydian will always be WWHWWHW, no matter if it starts on C or Gb. You'll also want to account for all the key signatures so you'll actually be learning 15 sets of scales instead of 12, i.e. Gb/F#. Hope that gets you started.
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