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A great day at 59'56"N

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The last week the weather has gone from +31 degrees centigrade to -3 and we have had snow in places. Thus I am happy to report that today the temperature has reached about 25 C and it has only dropped to 17 C as it is getting semi-dark outside. Local time is now midnight.

Went to a party at a friends house today, and as as I sat there playing whatever passed trough my mind on an alto recorder, a neighbor called out: Hey kid! I could not hear him so I moved closer... Your playing was really nice. You will see a lot of improvements in a short time. I play the accordion and guitar myself. My wife and I have been sitting here listening to your playing for quite a while. Keep it up!

That is the first compliment I have gotten from a complete stranger, and at the same time it was the first time I have played for a group of friends. Sort of a dream come true, even if I can find a lot of mistakes that I do. This has taken the playing to another phase. It was a kind of a relief.

I ended the day by going down to the beach when we returned home, bringing my alto sax. I live on an small island. Sitting there in the sunset from 9 pm and almost two hours onward I played ballads only for the birds. Wonderful as well.

Gary! I am glad that you are OK and only stuck in ISP-h*ll, I have been there for 6-months during the last year. (Dial-up connection instead of a non-functioning broadband) Spending so much time off-line must be great for your chops;)

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At 42.6 N it is 29.8 with an impending round of thunderstorms (5:20pm local). I'm enjoying a night off from "The Elixer of Love." Installed an air conditioner and am enjoying some cool dry air before heading out for the evening.
For the past week or so in the greater Phoenix AZ area, if you tried to play your sax outside you would probably burn your fingers, and all of your pads would fall out from the shellac melting. But, IT'S A DRY HEAT!
Where I am, it finally rained but it was too late. All the grass has already died. It's the beginning of the summer.
Last week I was in Northern Greece. 41 degrees latitude Nth.
Temperature ranged up to 34C (93F), and never went below 20C (68F).

Now I'm back in NZ (winter).
Latitude 37.5 Sth where I live.
We have frosts, 0C (32F). Brrrrrr
Daytime temperatures, 10-15C (50 - 59F), when it's not raining.

I passed through Dubai. 25 Nth latitude. It was 33C (91F) at 11:30pm
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