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Hi all,
I'm a Newbie here... :D
Around 1990, when we immigrated (from Switzerland) to this beautiful country, I bought my son a saxophone. Instead of taking lessons he learned to play the guitar - and he's pretty good at it.

I forgot the instrument (was in stored in my boys closet) and forgot how much I paid for the instrument.

The alto saxophone is still very shiny and resting in his BUNDY II case, touched maybe twice.

Searches on eBay and other engines brought some ideas but I did not found an exact answer, especially about the Serial Number (it's like the number does not exists).


BUNDY II, The Selmer Company, USA
Instrument: Alto Saxophone
Model No. 1242
Serial No. 980924:
(engraved on back of the instrument and handwritten on a yellow tag)

Case No. 5082

Address on tag:
Selmer ®
The Selmer Company
P.O.Box 310
Elkhart, Indiana 46515

Instrument is gold-lacquered with mother-of-pearl-like keys.
Accessories: Swab to clean the inside; a mouthpiece brush; small container of Selmer Cork Grease and of course the mouthpiece, marked with a capital B (probably for Bundy).

The instrument was bought in Cos Cob, Connecticut (store does not exist anymore).

I have no idea how much the saxophone is worth today.
Is it worth to sell it on eBay or should I donate it to the local marching band?

Please help. Thanks a bunch.
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