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I have a few nice mouthpieces I can offer for sale, and a Happy Valentine's Day to everybody.

1. Brilhart Ebolin tenor .085-$99

2. Brilhart Tonalin tenor .078 with serial--$140

3. Brilhart Personaline tenor .085 with original "Vita-curve" and rare original Brilhart packaging. $250

4. Sakshama Florida Metal .102. I contacted Sakshama a while back about this because it didn't have his name across the top of the bar and it had some of the original otto link markings on it. He said there were only a couple of these out in the public like this. Very nice player.-$275

5. Jody Jazz Metal ESP alto .078. This has a very well done epoxy baffle added to give it more power and punch. Very nice mouthpiece that they don't make anymore. $199

6. 10mfan Gen l Merlot 8* tenor new old stock--$275

7. "Great Neck Original" off white alto mpc .090-$150

8. Otto Link 8 hr from the 80's. --$99

9. Brilhart Tonalite clear tenor Mpc .075--$125

10. Lebayle metal Studio tenor 8*--$199

11. Lebayle metal Studio tenor 6*--$150

Selling from Florida

Email me at: [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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