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1) Do the 16th note runs sound good or do they sound like they just fill up space?
If you want to play them, you gotta practice them more, the ideas are great, not just filling up space, but the lines are not tight.
2) Am I making good use of dynamics?
I think, in this style, dynamics is not the first thing I listen for. You play rather loud most of the time, which fits.
3) Am I making good use of rhythm?
Good ideas, but you have to be more "in the pocket".

I think you are having a lot of fun playing, but maybe you should take a step back and refine all those things you already can do until you can do them really well. Others have already mentioned great ideas. I'd say:
- Listen for the heavy beats in the backing track. You do not always have to accentuate those, but you should be aware of them. That way, you can play TOGETHER with the beat without ever losing it.
- I would leave away the altissimo stuff for now, but that`s just my opinion, because I think there are many far more important things.
- Get a good (if possible, better than you) band to play with, it will be very beneficial
- try not to over-tongue. You are using hard tonguing a lot of times, this can chop up your phrases. Work on being able to tongue as subtly as possible, the tongue only touching the reed gently and very quickly. I see the heavy tongue ("Ta!") as something that is rather used for special effect or expecially rhythmic passages like hits (often together with other instruments) and not as the standard way to tongue. In a funk style, it is used more often, but still, use it wisely.
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