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Inspired by the experiences described here: I had an idea to modify another ligature that was flying around and doing nothing because of the poor tone it gave. It's this:

I thought it sounds so poor because it's not the original, but I sent back the original as well, because it didn't sound any better.

So I came up with this extremely simple mod (best explained through pictures):

Cone Toy Gas Jewellery Wood

Wood Tire Plant Wood stain Hardwood

Arm Flowerpot Wood Musical instrument Collar

Eyewear Wood Tints and shades Jewellery Eye glass accessory

Wood Automotive tire Rim Automotive lighting Gas

It plays almost as good as the other one I presented recently (see link above), is much easier to handle and sits more stable on the MP. And costs nothing if you have this kind of ligature and are not so content, just to little pieces of classical nylon guitar G-string or any thicker nylon monofile (it's a bit more than 1mm)

The pieces of black tape are due to sharp edges of the ligature and protect the MP against scratches. The making of the Rovner original is of clearly higher quality (though not much better sound)...
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