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A Different Kind of "Case Candy"

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I just got in the mail a used copy of "Central Avenue Sounds: Jazz in Los Angeles", a book of interviews of Central Avenue musicians. I opened it up to give it a quick scan, and it's got a number of autographs from participants in the project.

Clora Bryant, who died last year, signed it "Trumpetistically, Clora" (some of her obits mentioned that she referred to herself as a "trumpetiste")

Bassist David Bryant, who played in Horace Tapscott's Pan-African Peoples' Arkestra

Gerald Wilson

Horace Tapscott

Gerry "the Wig" Wiggins

Horace Silver (not sure he has much direct connection to LA/Central Avenue, but still...)

A few other lesser names and a couple I can't make out.

I mean, this is really touching...

And now for an SOTW quiz! I'm counting on you, you got this...

Many of the inscriptions are to "Mike", who seems to have played mainly bass, but Clora Bryant mentions that he doubled on trumpet. The book, not surprisingly, came from the Los Angeles area, so I assume he is or was an L.A.-based musician.

So... who is Mike??
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