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A cure for “Spitty Sound”?

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I recently bought 2 different SYOS tenor mouthpieces, which work very well but often give me a “spitty” sound when playing softly. These mouthpieces are 3D printed and therefore have a slightly rougher surface than a typical mouthpiece, and I wondered if this could contribute to causing water droplets to condense in the baffle area. As an experiment, I used scissors to cut a Vandoren clear thin mouthpiece cushion such that it would fit inside the mouthpiece and cover the baffle, the theory being that this would present a much smoother surface and discourage condensation on the surface. To my surprise this has completely cured the spitty sound, and did not change the tone or anything else about the mouthpiece. This may or may not work in every case, but it’s easy to try.


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Re: A cure for "Spitty Sound"?

A smooth and well adjusted baffle helps. If a baffle is just a hair high it acts like a dam and extra moisture condenses and gathers at the tip. This is one reaslon its hard to beat a play tested piece. You would not believe the fractions of material that make a difference in clarity, resonance and less resistance.

Some players playnwet but often baffles are just not as exact as they need to be. By the way.l.height matters more than texture but texture does have high as well as low points
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