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A Cattle grazing-inspired experimental album (featuring bass clarinet)

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Hey everybody, I went into the studio last December to record with a group led by my buddy Joel, a great local tenor and alto player in the San Francisco area. We recorded a few group improvisations and one structured improvisational composition, "Mob Graze", inspired by cattle grazing patterns, which makes up the biggest chunk of the album.

I am playing bass clarinet and ended up on most of the tracks, somewhat surprisingly!

I'm not sure if this forum will let me embed, but you can check out the album here:
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This is great stuff. Did Joel compile the grazing data or was he given the charts by a farmer or something? Can you describe a little bit about how the charts where converted to a musical framework?
Hey dirty, thanks for the background info. I didn't have time to listen to very much this morning, but the few tunes I skimmed over all sounded great. Kind of reminds me of some 60'ds era experimental music LP's that I have. I love listening to this kind of music while I'm working because the organic way the motifs come and go,.. kind of like listening to nature. I have some 60's folk/primitive/tribal stuff that has that kind of feeling too from different cultures around the world. It's nice to be able to think of music as something different than what constantly being force fed to us nowadays.
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